Our team provides original footage, editing, post-production and musical score services, that will help to elevate your brand to another level.

We are fully skilled and equipped to deliver an outstanding product, that will draw attention to your subject.

Since creativity is our fuel, we are very much aware of great esthetics and will only provide the most fantastic, cinematic footage with high quality original soundtrack, ready to use, without need of purchasing any copyrights.

GP is also able to provide services such as editing, video color correction, music composition, mixing and mastering, as well as still photography and its editing, separately.

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The masterminds behind Grounded Production, Niko A. and Asia L., are also tirelessly working on a realization of multiple feature films and documentaries, shot across the globe, that will help bring awareness to problematic topics. Our mission is to shoot films, that will open your mind, touch your heart and expand your consciousness.